Multi Ingredient Loader 1.0

Product Information

Multi ingredient loaders
Base unit: model C specs

Model Quattro 1.0
1 main ingredient catalyst feed
3 extra additives from flowbin
Minimum height required

Datasheet Model Quattro 1.0

The Pneumix P.A.I.S standard unit for catalyst and additive feed allows transfer from existing

storage hoppers to the regenerator.

The Quattro models have been design to provide a solution to add catalysts and multiple additive with the same loader.

For specification of the base unit models see datasheet C and XL units.

The Quattro 1.0 loaders are ideal to install in situations where height is restricted. So the main base unit should be used for the catalyst feed and up to 3 different additives can be blended additionally.

The support frames will handle tote bins (flowbins) of different sizes. The outlet of these bin

should be straight down and modified to be used with camlock coupling. So simply put the

additive bins on the support frame, connect coupling and operator can type in the re-quired

addition rate/day.

Operation is VERY simple. Just give in required daily addition rate and kg per shot for

the catalyst. Than enter the daily rate for each additive (connected) . The computer will calculate the injections and make sure the catalyst and addi-tive is evenly injected during the 24 hour. When additive bin is empty a warning is given but unit will continue with other ingredients. In display of terminal is displayed which in-gredient is empty. (see picture)

Common plant problems such as pressure failure , blocked FCC lines , filling line problems are included in software and will be self-adjusted as much as possible

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