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The Pneumix P.A.I.S standard unit for catalyst and additive feed allows transfer from existing
storage hoppers to the regenerator.

All Pneumix skids are designed for the hazardous area classification being:
Zone: I
Gas Group II B+H2
Temp. Class: T5

Flowrate model C max. 15 ton/day
Flowrate model C XL max. 30 ton/day

Test pressure: 15 barg 216 psig
Design pressure 11 barg 160 psig
Operating pressure: 6 barg 87 psig
Design temperature: -20°C / 100°C
Corrosion allowance Cone 3 mm Other 2 mm
Construction code: ASME VIII div.1 design and ap-proved by Lloyds.
U-stamp (optional)

Operation is VERY simple. Just give in required daily addition rate and kg per shot and
computer will do the rest. Common plant problems such as pressure failure , blocked FCC
lines, filling line problems are included in software and will be self-adjusted as much as
possible. Accuracy 99.9%
Skid is delivered completely assembled and tested for 48 hours.
The only connection to be made on site are:

• Filling line to storage hopper
• Discharge line FCC
• Main air connection
• Main power supply (to main switch)
• Exhaust line connection

What can we offer you!
• Reliability
• Convenience
• Compact skid
• Minimum maintenance
• Easy operation
• Efficient back up service

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