Fluidized Filling Hose

Fluidising Filling Hose for catalyst or additive loaders

The transportation of catalysts sometimes presents complex engineering problems due to largely restricted gravity possibilities, which require a certain connection height. This is necessary to obtain a proper angle of the filling line to the Pneumix loader filling inlet.

Pneumix can provide a special catalyst conveying hose which is basically an airslide in the form of a rubber hose. The flexibility of rubber allows the system to be easily installed in and around existing plant and equipment. This can reduce upfront engineering and installation costs in new systems and in retrofit applications. Imagine being able to take your catalyst around a corner without a transfer station. In addition this system is fully sealed to the environment, meaning that there is nothing that can enter or exit the hose unless you want it to, thereby reducing contamination by moisture and reducing dust escaping to the environment.

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