In the ongoing cash-flow-driven environment, refineries favor lower-cost, short-cycle investments, and reduce allocation of new capital to long-cycle investments.

We have noticed that refineries have difficulties allocating funds to buy a new loader which will guarantee the conversion of the FCC process. Pneumix has noticed that the importance of such an investment (CAPEX) has not the ROI expected until it fails to function and then everything is possible to get it working again. The OPEX budget used to maintain operation is always available so it seems.

For our clients having difficulties getting the CAPEX approved we are now offering the P.Lease program giving you the following opportunities:

Lease a loader for minimum period of 1 year and pay per month

• 1st year – start-up, commissioning and one service visit
• 2nd year – one service visit
• 3rd year – one service visit

The lease price is including:

• Transport of equipment to refinery site
• Start-up and commissioning
• Service and necessary spare parts for maintenance
• Extra service possible depending additions

After 3 years we offer a buyout option according a pre-defined price