Multi Additive Loading

Case Information The refiner wanted to have more flexibility. With the Pneumix Quattro 1.0 they now can load catalyst and add 2 extra additives via the flow bins. The unit can fit flowbins of different suppliers. View Quattro 1.0 View Quattro 2.0

ZSM5 Addition Unit

Case Information Our client in Korea wanted to be flexible in adding ZSM5. Instead of pre-blending this in the fresh cat, they installed a Pneumix A type model. This unit includes a storage hopper which can load big bags or drum with the vacuumproducer on the skid. For more information, please contact us. View addition […]

Adsorption Dryer Package

Case Information Very often plant air is very moistured/wet. To avoid problems with our catalyst or additive loaders we can offer complete dryer skids.These skids are “plug and play” and can be installed outside in hazardous ATEX areas.Or we can add a separate dryer for just the instrument air.

Fluidising Filling Hose

Fluidising Filling Hose for catalyst or additive loaders Case Information A New Concept for solving height limitations The transportation of catalysts sometimes presents complex engineering problems due to largely restricted gravity possibilities which require a certain connection height. This is necessary to obtain a proper filling angle of the filling line to the Pneumix loader […]

20′ Container Unloading

Case Information For a client in Oman, Pneumix designed a container tipper unit. This is a special tipper that can be used to lift containers, including different sizes of trailers. Logistics will now be a lot cheaper and more effective, which results in a payback time of 2 years. View Container Tilting Solutions

Service and supply

Case information Our client in the Middle East required assistance with a scheduled service on 3 Pneumix loaders. One of the service engineers assisted the local service mechanics. Normally these services require a week and will be planned 6 weeks ahead. View service and supply

Quattro 2.0

Case Information The refinery had problems with adding catalyst and also wanted to maximize flexibility in additive additions. Pneumix installed the Quattro 2.0 for adding fresh catalyst and 3 additives. All hoppers can be filled with vacuum which is included in the set up and each hopper has its own weigh indication. View Quattro 2.0