Exhaust filter with automatic cleaning

Exhaust filter with automatic cleaning


Case Information

Standardized solution for uninterrupted depressurization  

Pneumix loaders require a proper venting line to guarantee uninterrupted performance. For this reason we included a special exhaust filter.

Build as cylindrical stainless steel body with flanged connection that contains vertically mounted POLYPLEAT® filter elements. The air jet cleaning system is integrated in the top cover.  All controls are fully integrated with the discharge cycle and tested for safe and reliable operation. The major advantage of an exhaust filter so close to the P.A.I.S. loader is guaranteed maximum capacity and reliability.

Dust if the exhaust filter is automatically discharge into the FCC line .

Cleaning and emptying of dust is done without operators interference

  • Date 19 oktober 2017
  • Tags Catalyst Additive / Loaders
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